About Zeal Handyman Services

Make Zeal Your only local Handyman Business: Here is Why.

Zeal Handyman Services is a Handyman Company that fully understand the needs of residential and commercial building maintenance. 

We are a trusted Local Handyman business currently working around the Brisbane Northside with professional and reliable Handymen.

Zeal Handyman Services is your first stop for all the odd jobs, household and general repairs and maintenance you’ve been meaning to get fixed for years.

have you asked the Question 'I Need A handyman Business near me?' Zeal Handyman services are the Answer.

Zeal Handyman services can be your key Provider for all your Maintenance and Repairs on Brisbane’s Northern suburbs!

Our Handyman Company offers a whole host of Services which your Zeal Handyman will carry out in a prompt, reliable and professional manner.  

From Plumbing issues to letterboxes, Flat-screen tv wall mounting and flat packs to a Silicone Bath Reseal. All work is Guaranteed.

So who is your Zeal Handyman?

Zeal Handyman Services is a family-run company operated by Damian. Our service areas are currently in and around Brisbane’s Northside.  

If Damian is unavailable, one of our Zeal handyman will be a time served tradesmen that will take pride in completing your work! Guaranteed.

At Zeal Handyman Services. We try to cater to all of our clients’ needs with utmost Workmanship, Efficiency and Competence.

Learn more about Damian?

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What Zeal Handyman Services Offer.

Our Handyman Business Is All About creating a Cost-Effectiveness, Reliability And Efficiency service for you!

We take so much pride with the Services we provide to our clients.

We take professionalism to a new level by offering various handyman services with so much dedication, commitment and enthusiasm.

We can source the best tradesmen if required. Therefore, our clients are assured that only the most credible and qualified Tradesman will handle your projects.

CLICK HERE to see some of the services your Zeal Handyman can undertake. 

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I Need A Locally owned and operated handyman company.

Zeal Handyman Services is a locally owned and operated service provider based in Brisbane.

We are a credible and all-inclusive  one-stop-shop for a wide array of residential and commercial repair, installation and maintenance solutions.

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I Need A highly skilled and qualified Friendly Handyman

Your Handyman will be highly skilled and qualified.

You will always have a Friendly and Courteous  Zeal handyman. He will be a highly skilled and Qualified Handyman. This guarantee you are in good hands with Zeal Handyman services!

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I need a handyman company near me?

Sound like a Familiar Question?

So you have asked your Friends, Family or Searched Google questions like….. I need a Handyman Business near me? or I Need a Reliable Handyman Company near me? Now you can STOP asking them questions out and make Zeal Handyman Services your Top Choice for all your Handyman Jobs at home or the office, in and around Brisbane!

We provide the best Handyman service in industry

'I Have decided to have Zeal Handyman Services as my handyman Business'. Great we will be your Handyman for Life, you can always rely on. Book an appointment with us today!

Damian Our Expert

Damian is an exceptionally talented Professional qualified Plumber by Trade.

Damian has over 15 Years’ Experience as a Plumber. While in the UK he had his own Plumbing business which included, Plumbing, Gas, tiling, carpentry, and other trades.

Damian has hands-on understanding and Skills making him the Handyman he is today.

He is highly skilled in reading blueprints and estimating work sketches.

As a Plumber,  Damian can ensure your plumbing work complies with all current standards and building codes and advise you if something has been done incorrectly.

Damian as an established plumber has a strong ability to troubleshoot critical issues with ease which can save you money. 

Damian’s  workmanship speaks for itself and he prides myself on being a customer-focused professional who will always go the extra mile and exceed customers’ expectations.

He has a positive attitude and commitment to excellence, coupled with his solid Plumbing and Trades background will be of immediate value to you. 

Thank you for your time in reading our website. We look forward to you becoming a longstanding client and contributing to creating less stress for yourself.

Australian Testimonials

Here are some Customer Testimonials Damian received while working for companies in Australia.

UK Customer Testimonials.

Here are some Customer Testimonials Damian received while running his old Plumbing, Heating & Gas Business in the UK before Emigrating to Australia 6 years ago.