Free No obligation Quote or free, no obligation free Quote?

Warning. Don't get caught out by your tradesman.

At this point you're probably wondering 'what on earth is a free, no obligation free Quote?'

Let me explain.

Most Handyman Services and most business actually will give you an free no obligation quote. Be that as it may, free no obligation isn’t always free. Free no Obligation implies that you are under no commitment to accept the quote. I have known Handyman businesses who charge to give you a quote and then discount the cost of the quote on the off chance that you accept their quote. In any case, that can separate the money from your bank account.

Here is the reason why.

Suppose you request that five handyman businesses give you a quote, and if we say that every one of those Handyman Businesses charged you $20.00 to give you that quote. You will have forked out $100.00 just to get a quote. At the point when you acknowledge a quote, you will get one $20.00 back. So if the quote you acknowledged was for $200.00 you are still out-laying $280.00 for $200.00 job.

How do I avoid this?

At the point when you are requesting a quote, ensure that they are offering a free no obligation, ‘free quote’. You heard that right, basically a free-free quote or else you could get a charge for the quote. As of late, I was approached to give a quote where the individual requesting the quote was quite certain that they needed a free no obligation, free quote. She had two dodgy folks who had attempted to demand she pay them to give her a quote. At the point when she rejected they were inconsiderate and left without giving her the quote. 

Get your Free-Free, No Obligation Quote.

At Zeal Handyman Services we give free no obligation, free quotes.
free Quote

Please Note that this doesn’t imply that each business you request a quote is obliged to give you a quote. There are conditions where Zeal Handyman Services will be unable to give a quote because the job is too far away or not the sort of work we undertake.

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